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Windsong Creations -

Custom Button and Bead Jewelry made on the spot!

Vintage and Modern Buttons!

Hi! Welcome !

So glad you stopped by!

I make jewelry from Buttons 

and Beads

I like to use modern and 

vintage Buttons.

The vintage Buttons make 

me think about the stories the 

buttons could tell!

A large Coat button that 

has seen many cold winters!

A large focal Rhinestone 

button that was on a formal 

 prom dress or evening gown!

The stories they could tell!

So how does it work?

I Wire Wrap the buttons and 

beads to come up with a 

unique piece of Jewelry Art!




Hope to see you at one of my upcoming 


Check out my show dates and locations!

Thanks for visiting!

More pictures coming soon!

[email protected]

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's more to come!