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Windsong Creations -

Custom Button and Bead Jewelry made on the spot!

Vintage and Modern Buttons!

About Us:


  • Well let's start with me, I started doing jewelry 15 years ago when my kid's were small, now they are 24,21 and 18!
  • Wow how time flies!
  • I had two boys until my youngest , a daughter, was born, so I needed some girly creative time! I do a technical job by day.......and my longtime artsy side needed to get out! I have always done crafts with my mom, ceramics, stuffed animals, wood refinishing and much more! DoesBen Franklinsmean anything to anyone?

  • I started traditional stringing of beads and making jewelry, and then I took a class for 15 minutes on how to make a ring from buttons! Wow! I never thought that 15 minutes would develop into 11 years of doing button jewelry. For the first 8 years I did it for fun, gifts for family friends and co-workers.


  • My daughter Sarah used to play in the buttons and beads as I designed with them.
  • Now Sarah is my helper and co-designer (and has a passion for horses!)
    She has a great eye for color and combinations
    In her spare time she helps teach horse riding lessons to special needs children! 

Windsong Creations believes that sharing time, laughter and creativeness with family and friends is what life is all about!!

We would welcome the opportunity to share some time with you and turn your heirloom buttons and beads into wear-able memories!

If you don't have any buttons of your own,

you can design with ours!


Blue Springs, MO

Hours: See show dates!